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Angela has a true gift for reading and I am so grateful that she has chosen to share this gift with the world. I’ve had the opportunity to receive readings from her for over three years now and each one has truly proven to be of great value to me. Angela’s passion and enthusiasm toward the quality of her readings is evident through her thoroughness, attention to detail and willingness to explain and articulate the meaning behind each card, how they relate to each other and the situation in question. I highly recommend Angela and will surely continue to seek her altruistic energy and intuitive wisdom for years to come.


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I really love how much of herself Angela put into the reading. To include her ancestor, her personal energy (the note about the physical restlessness) and her interpretations along side what the books said felt very very thoughtful. I felt incredibly honored to be given that type of energy and want it to be known that I feel it, it shows, and it completely elevated the experience of receiving this reading. 


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Angela was very empathetic and very intuitive about my situation. I'm thankful she gave me good advice on how to change my mindset. She is a very skilled psychic reader that got to the heart of the matter. 

Angela is a talented tarot reader who engages with the seeker very well. Her writing style is clear and concise. It was a wonderful reading that really helped me to understand my current energies, and what I need to do.


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Angela has been helping guide me for over 25 years. She is a well rounded, empathetic person. I have personally benefitted from her wisdom and her level-headed approach to life. I am so glad she is sharing this passion with others



New Client Reading

One topic per reading. Please let me know if you prefer a digital video or e-mailed reading.

Digital Video Reading

Up to two topics. This reading can be a recorded video sent to you via  private link, a recorded voice file, or a live video meeting.

E-mailed Reading

Up to two topics. This style of reading is the most comprehensive option. Writing and e-mailing readings give me the time to research symbolism that I may not understand immediately, and it provides a written record, so you won't have to take notes. 

Emergency Reading

This is a reading option for people who need immediate assistance (within 24 hrs of request). Please specify if you'd like a digital reading or e-mailed. 


"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it"

Marcus Aurelius

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